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Russian Brides

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Letters forwarding

Using letter forwarding will save you precious months in communicating with women. In this service you e-mail us your letter and photograph. We will print the photo and translate the letter and courier deliver it to the woman of your choice. This way the letter will be delivered in 1 day instead of the normal mail 15 to 20 days. Also, international letters are frequently stolen. Price is $10.00 per letter. We can also translate the ladies return letter to you for an additional $10.00. A letter is 1,000 words or less.

That is $10.00 for a translated letter courier delivered the same day, and we will also print out and deliver up to three color photos!

The process could not be simpler. You first set up a letter forwarding account. After that, simply e-mail us the letter you would like forwarded. In the subject section of your e-mail write the woman's first name and her number. We will print out and translate the letter, print the photographs, then we will courier deliver the letter that day if she is in Kiev. If she is outside Kiev she should receive the letter the next few days by regular mail.

If you want her to be able to letter forward you back with the same system just write return service requested in the e-mail subject or on the top of your letter. With this return service you could possibly receive a return letter in as little as 2 to 5 days. This is far superior to the 30 to 40 days for round trip letters sent by you and her! We will also translate her letter for free. She can write you back using the traditional postal service but that will take 15 to 20 days.

If you would like the same letter to be sent to several women please write all their names and numbers in the subject section or at the top of the letter and we will charge you $10.00 per woman. Don't forget to let us know if you want the return service.

Please note: Frequently any letter that has foreign markings is stolen from the Ukrainian and Russian postal system. With our letter forwarding service you avoid this possible problem. Also, most Russian and Ukrainian women do not have access to e-mail and will probably not be able to initially write to you by e-mail.

A letter is 1,000 words or less. Please keep your letters to 1,000 words or less and your photograph size to 100k size or less and keep them in jpeg or gif format.

Before you begin you will need to open an account. Accounts are opened with $100.00 or $40.00 credit. As you use the service credit will be deducted from your account. If you close your account and there is a balance any unused funds will be returned to you. After you have set up your account please e-mail your letters and photo to Don't forget to give us the woman's first name and identification number, and let us know if you want return service.

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