Russian brides Marriage agencies arelocated in the capital of Kiev Ukraine. They highly screen the Russian brides and do everything possible to ensure thier clients have the most effective results that will help them quickly finding their Russian wife. If you are sincere in looking for a Russian brides come to Kiev Ukraine and meet our dedicated and enthusiastic staff. We truly want to help you find your Russian brides in Kiev Ukraine. Russian brides, Russain marriage agency.

Russian Brides

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Most marriage agencies will ask you for a membership fee and then a monthly fee. What do you get for this? You get addresses of women who are getting 10 or more letters a day! I estimate that up to 60% of the addresses are either bogus or out of date.

If you search the Internet you will see these same women on almost all sites. Why? Most agencies share, steal, or buy the addresses of their women. You are generally wasting your time using this membership system.

For a mere $10.00 you can write our ladies with our letter forwarding service. We will even call the lady and make sure she received the letter. Please stop wasting your money with purchasing the addresses of this huge shared database.

Most of our women have never met western men and are not on other agencies. That is why we do not sell addresses. If we sold addresses all of our women would be all over the Internet and be part of this huge shared database that is marketed by literally a thousand agencies.

To communicate with our ladies please see our Letter Forwarding service at Letterforwarding

Or if you would like us to directly work for you please see our MatchMaker service at MatchMaker

Both of these services will cost you less money in the long run than membership services and are much more likely to get you married!



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